Please read the following carefully before contacting me regarding commissions. Thank you!

Current Commission Status:


The current commission status will be updated on my Livejournal. When I am closed that means that all available commission slots for the current period are filled.

There is NO waiting list!


How I Accept Commissions:

I don’t take commissions monthly, what I do is open up anywhere from 5-8 commission slots at a time depending on my personal schedule. These slots are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, when they are filled I am closed until those commissions are completed, then I will re-open. I am hoping that by employing this method I can speed up my turnaround.

 There will be no waiting list.  

In the past I kept adding names because I didn’t want to say no to anyone and possibly have hurt feelings. The result was an unmanageable list that overwhelmed me and the wait time started getting ridiculous. In an effort to streamline my commissions and cut down on the long wait times I have changed to this new commission policy effective immediately. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
Note: Those who were previously on my waiting list and still are interested in a commission please contact me.

How I Work:

Heads are painted in Archival Quality Mediums (Acrylic and Pastel) using a combination of Airbrush and Hand-painting techniques. I have over 10 years experience using the Airbrush medium, but I am by no means an expert. I am always learning!
I do my best to only send out work that is of the highest quality. Work that passes my high standards and criteria. Because of this I am not always the speediest of painters. I try to aim for a turnaround of 3-4 weeks at the most.

For health reasons I am no longer accepting commissions that involve sanding of the seams or body blushing. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Full body painting for special dolls (e.g. SOOM Monthly Dolls and the like) may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please email me for more information.

Commission Procedure:
(Please read carefully.)

Upon acceptance of commission I will send you my mailing address and a Faceup Form to be completed. You can be as specific or as vague as you want in describing how you want your doll painted, however, please bear in mind that the doll will be my interpretation of your design and as such may not be exactly as you envisioned.
You are welcome send photo examples for inspiration or color reference, but I WILL NOT copy another artists work or “style”. You have commissioned me (I hope) to have a doll painted in my style and asking me to copy another’s work will result in termination of commission. 
Like most Artists, I believe that I do my best work when given a suggestion or free reign to be creative and bring out the dolls best features, but I am also very happy to work with you to help bring your vision of your doll to life!

When sending your doll’s head to me please send it BLANK whenever possible. If I have to remove the faceup there may be an additional fee if the faceup is very difficult to remove. In the case of Volks Default Dolls I can remove the faceup and the hot-glue in the eyes for an additional $10. Again, this charge is due to health concerns. (Solvents)

If you have a specific wig or eyes you want used in final pictures please feel free to include them. 
Don’t forget your completed Faceup form! You may send it to me in hardcopy form with your doll’s head or via email.


Commission Pricing:
All Prices are in USD and Do Not Include Return Shipping. 

Basic Faceup {All Sizes}..........$125.00
What this includes:
Airbrushed Faceup to your specifications (see above)
1 set of Proof Pictures for approval before sealing
Faceup sealed with Mr. Super Clear Flat (I don’t use UV Cut)
Lips and eye openings sealed with sealer of your choice. (Matte, Satin, Gloss)
Basic Eyelashes Provided and Applied*. 
Final Portrait Photography

Extras are priced according to time and difficulty involved. Please email for an exact quote or to see if I am currently offering this service. 

Freckles, Scars, Facial Tattoo’s and Designs.........$5.00-$25.00 (Price Range)

FULL BODY Freckling is a commissionable service that I will offer on a case-by-case basis in conjunction WITH a Faceup. (I don’t do body blushing or body only commissions).........$70 and up. 

FULL BODY Painting (e.g. SOOM Monthly Dolls) or special projects are accepted again on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with a Faceup..........$100 and up.

Seam Removal, Body Blushing, or Body Only Commissions are Not Accepted.



This site is still under construction. 
In the interim, to view examples of my work please visit my Livejournal:

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To contact me regarding open commission slots or for extra service quotes, please email me:
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Thank you very much for your interest in my work!