Welcome to my home page. I'm currently working on doing a major upgrade to my web pages, but since the new pages are done in my spare time and will be making extensive use of java script, CSS, and DOM, they're taking a while to complete. It takes a while to test everything in multiple browser on multiple operating systems.

In the meantime, some people wanted access to some of my open source frameworks for Mac OS X. To make those available, I've thrown together these web pages. They're pretty bare bones, but they should give people access to what they need.


These pages were written using the Safari Browser from Apple Computer. Thus, these pages will look best when viewed in Safari. The pages use quite a bit of cascading style sheets, but little to no Java Script. They should, therefore, work in most modern browsers. To that end, I've tested and checked the pages in Internet Explorer 5.2 for the Mac, and they look fine.